Are You finding yourself with a lack of purpose? How about Losing your edge?
Could you use more joy and motivation?
We will inspire you to become the best you can become.  There are powers in the universe here to help you succeed and be happy! Discovery is just the beginning. What if you could tackle any obstacle just like opening your front door. We offer the guidance you need to Win!
Connection, Adventure, Meditation, Fitness, Yoga, Dance, Love, Nature, and Music. Enjoy!



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Today I talk about how important it is to find like minded individuals of like mind and heart to share and grow with.

huge shout out to Ecstatic dance Salt lake city

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Go hiking!!!!!


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HI EVERYONE! I just recorded a new intro and outro check it out! leave me a message with feedback here on the website. Today we talk a little about meditation and what is can do for you.

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21. MIND BODY EXPERIENCE! Heal your self with the subconscious mind.

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Today I talk about 2 podcasts that I highly recommend.



Find a way to witness your thoughts instead of reacting. you will enjoy it I promise.

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19. Equality and Love!

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Happy Martin Luther King day. Equality in all things Is always a great recipe for success. Find the love in the diversity of others that we may learn and experience this life to its fullest.

16. Introduction to Healing stones.

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Today we discuss the power of healing stones and how or why they have mystical powers and purpose.

Healing stones have been used for centuries in many capacities such as magic or medicine.

Book mentioned: Love is in the earth- A kaliedoscope of crystals- MELODY

15. Crystals and shadow module, Super moon

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Today I talk about the shadow work I did at the the shadow module. I also talk about some adventures and a crystals that I Picked up for sale. It is mostly good to be back on the air and say HI!

Reference podcast

My seven Chakras Aditya Jay Kumar

Mindful Living Spiritual awakening Dr. Marijo Puleo

Everyday is Saturday Sam Crowley