30. Hello Lovelies! Back from the vision quest!

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Hello everyone, just completed two native american healing retreats and boy am I charged up!

So much to talk about. Change your story change your life! Namaste

29. Vision Quest report and summary.

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The Vision quest was amazing! So much to talk about. I will be learning from this event for many years to come. If you are interested in more information about this kind of event please contact me at info@enlightenedoutdoor.com 

26. Mystery School, Yosemite park

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Today I tell about the mystery school I have been attending for a year. The last module was in Yosemite National park. I had a blast! I did some amazing initiation work and also got to see Yosemite in full bloom. The park has more water this year then it has had in the last 25 years. Pictures coming soon.

The waterfalls were stunning and massive.

Ecstatic dance link here


25. Outdoor adventure, 4 dimensional beings

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Today I talk about some outdoor adventures and Barbara Brennen’s books and theories.


click this button to see her stuff.



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Today I talk about how important it is to find like minded individuals of like mind and heart to share and grow with.

huge shout out to Ecstatic dance Salt lake city

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Go hiking!!!!!


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HI EVERYONE! I just recorded a new intro and outro check it out! leave me a message with feedback here on the website. Today we talk a little about meditation and what is can do for you.

also check out this App on your phone or tablet  https://insighttimer.com/



21. MIND BODY EXPERIENCE! Heal your self with the subconscious mind.

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Today I talk about 2 podcasts that I highly recommend.

1. http://forbiddendoctor.libsyn.com/101-sorry-angelina-dna-doesnt-do-anything

2. http://tonyrobbins.libsyn.com/from-the-vault-tony-robbins-and-deepak-chopra-lifelong-health-the-spiritual-forces-that-shape-our-lives-and-the-immense-power-of-the-mind-body-connection.

Find a way to witness your thoughts instead of reacting. you will enjoy it I promise.

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